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Snow Removal Terms of Service


Our fully insured equipment is the best in the industry. We have our own metal fabrication shop and customize all of our equipment specifically for Mountain Snow Removal. This season we will have 12 high output snow blowing tractors, 2 plow trucks, and 4 (2 man) shovel crews with all the right tools.


Service Heroes will install and maintain all necessary reflective snow stakes to ensure your driveway is cleared to its full width, at no additional cost (if you sign up by October 15th). Following the completion of the winter season, we will remove all installed snow stakes and perform a post season inspection of your property. We will be installing snow stakes soon after October 15th. Not guaranteed if you sign up after October 15th.


Most special requests will be honored under the VIP program. Please allow 24 hours for us to respond and complete a request.


Your operator will attempt to clear around parked cars and other obstructions. Property owners must keep the driveway clear of foreign objects such as trash cans, snow sleds, firewood, newspapers, shovels, etc. These types of foreign objects can do extensive damage to our snow blowers. In most cases, our compact tractors can safely maneuver within 12 inches of your garage door, car, stairs, trash cans, vegetation, and/or entry. Our operators will remove snow from around these areas to the best of their ability. However, they may decide that the potential for damage to your property does not warrant the risk of removing a few more inches of snow.


If damage occurs as a result of our negligence, Service Heroes will repair any property or landscape damage caused by our equipment at no cost to the homeowner. Although not common, Service Heroes will not be responsible for superficial gouges and chain marks resulting from normal snow removal operations. We only use chains in the most extreme conditions. Service Heroes will not repair or pay for the repair of driveways that crush or deteriorate due to water saturation or thin asphalt or base. The property owner must notify Service Heroes immediately when damage is first identified so we can make necessary repairs. Service Heroes will not reimburse property owners for repairs made by a third party without prior Service Heroes approval. Service Heroes, its owners and agents, will be held harmless from any and all claims, demands, losses, causes of action, damage, lawsuits, judgments, including attorneys' fees and costs, for any accidents that may occur on or around the property, before, during, and after snow removal; unless the accident was solely caused by our gross negligence.

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